Stunning Willow is an admitted barfly who enjoys spending time in clubs, pubs, and bars. She is very good at darts and other pub games. Her favorite thing in the world is meeting new people, and she has embraced the party lifestyle of a San Francisco escort.

“A lot of girls can’t handle the party lifestyle that is being a San Francisco escort,” Willow admits. “I wasn’t sure myself that I was going to be able to hold up under the pressure. I was pleasantly surprised when I did. Any girl would jump at the chance to do what we do for a little while. They explain to you that your job is meeting new people, getting to know them, and going out to have fun with them. Sounds a lot like just living your social life, doesn’t it? Only it’s even better than that, because this guy is taking you out to dinner, he’s showing you the sites, he’s going to tourist locations or wonderful restaurants. Sometimes you even get to go to specialty venues, like for family functions or business conventions. Maybe you’re the arm candy that makes him look good at his reunion, or maybe you’re just making him look like a baller when he wants to impress his coworkers at the company picnic. It doesn’t really matter. It’s nothing but fun, and for a little while, every girl thinks about how much fun it is and believes she can do it.”


Age 20
Height 5’3″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $800

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Willow goes on, “The thing of it is, though, not every girl is cut out for this. Some of them just can’t hold up under the pressure. You’ve got to have real stamina to party day in and day out. After a week, you might be tired. After two weeks of going out and drinking and partying every night, you might feel really turned out. And after a month, if a girl can’t handle this job, she’ll just fold. She’ll just go away and we won’t see her anymore. I don’t fault her, of course. This job isn’t for everybody. But it’s always interesting to me to see who makes it and who does not.”

Willow explains that girls working as San Francisco escorts must also have imagination and leadership abilities. “When you’re out on a date with a client,” she says, “the success of the date is your responsibility. It’s absolutely your job to fix something that goes wrong. If your dinner reservations fall through, you’ve got to be able to make suggestions so you can rescue things before they get started. If you date isn’t happy with whatever you decided to do, you have to be able to read that and fix it. If your client goes home at the end of the night and he’s not satisfied, he’s not going to come back. He’s not going to become a repeat client. And you absolutely have to secure a client’s satisfaction and loyalty if you want this business to be successful. They train us for that, absolutely.”

Another aspect of Willow’s training that she agrees with completely is the discretion with which escorts learn to treat their clients. “They drill it into you from the first day,” she says. “You’re not to discuss anything the client tells you when you’re out, especially if he starts opening up to you and you’re making a connection. You don’t tell anyone he uses the service. You don’t mention his name or anything about him. It’s complete and total privacy, and our clients know they can count on us for that. I really believe in this policy.”