Beautiful Lori is a nature girl who likes to spend as much time outdoors as possible. She loves to hike, and is particularly fond of swimming and getting romantic in the outdoors. She is proud of her habit of walking everywhere, and believes that this contributes to her toned, fit body. She is very used to getting attention from men.

“When I’m out in nature,” Lori explains, “I feel like I’m one with the universe. I love to feel dirt between my toes. I love to run on the grass. And more than anything, I like to throw a blanket down in the middle of a field on a nice day, and just lie there staring at the clouds, feeling the breeze, and enjoying the nice weather. We all lead pretty fast-paced lives, and an escort leads a faster-paced life than most. Every single day I’m running around meeting new clients, going to clubs, drinking and partying, both day and night. It can be pretty exhausting if you let it. I’ve learned that the best way to cope with it, and kind of give yourself time to rest and recover, is to occasionally take a day to get back to nature and just enjoy living things. When I’m surrounded by life, I can kind of feel it making my own body feel better. It’s this wonderful, empowering rush of good feelings and natural excitement.”


Age 22
Height 5’4″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $700

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Hiking is another of Lori’s passions. “I like to stay in shape,” she explains. “Hiking is one way to do that. I could walk on a treadmill, but I have always kind of hated the idea of doing all that walking and never going anywhere. To me, a long walk is best when there’s a reward at the end. You have all this work, all this effort, but when you’re done, you’ve actually gotten somewhere. Can you imagine a machine that makes you do all the work you would do if you were climbing a mountain… but when you’re done with all your climbing, you haven’t actually gone anywhere? I think the best part about climbing a mountain would be the feeling of accomplishment when you make it to the summit. Well, if I’m going to do all that work, I had better be able to enjoy the accomplishment. So treadmills are out because you don’t actually get anyplace after all that walking.”

The other thing Lori doesn’t like about treadmills, however, is that they’re indoors. “The fun of hiking is in being in the fresh air,” she says. “Hiking, great hiking, is reconnecting with nature. You pick a trail that will take you into the woods, or into the hills, or just anywhere that nature is, and then you get out there and you explore. When you’re done, you’ve found something new. You’ve found your path and found your way. But you’ve also had a very enjoyable time that is made all the more enjoyable because there is a goal at the end. I think goal seeking is very important to what we do as human beings. When you have a purpose, a goal, it makes a big difference in how and why you accomplish anything. Your work means a lot more when you have a goal.”

Lori’s own goals, or at least one of them, is to make connections whenever possible with her clients. “Getting to know a man is a real pleasure,” she says. “Each one is unique. Each one has things he can teach you. Making that connection means a lot to me and is a reward for a job well done.”