Sumptuous Ireland is a former pole dancer who enjoys extreme sports and anything that lets her strip down to almost nothing when out in public. She believes her pole dancing skills are borne of her exhibitionist tendencies, and that these are definitely helpful in her work as a San Francisco escort.

“When I was working the pole,” she says, “it was always a head rush knowing that for the time I was on that stage, every man in the room was focused solely on me. Yes, there would be people who were distracted from time to time, but a good pole dancer commands your attention. She is hot enough, and her moves are enticing enough, that you just rock that pole while every man in the place is following you with his eyes. And the expressions on their faces, I’ll never forget that. They’re just so hungry. They look at you and they clearly want you. That’s so sexy, and such a turn-on, to be desired and wanted in that way. It isn’t dangerous, or anything. None of those guys would ever dream of putting hands on you when you didn’t want it. I never got that feeling, anyway. They just look at you with this longing, wishing there was a way to make a connection with you.”


Age 20
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $750

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“That’s what I like about being a San Francisco escort,” Ireland says. “You get the opportunity, one on one, to make connections like that. An escort is absolutely like a pole dancer in that it is her job to look good, to be desirable, and to project sexiness. We wouldn’t be effective at our jobs if we couldn’t command attention and desire. But unlike a pole dancer, who has to leave the audience wanting her, when you are an escort, you can meet with people one on one. That’s the time when you can best assess if a connection can be made. You can talk to the client. You can get to know them. The two of you can go out and have fun together. He can enjoy your presence, your beauty, and how being with you makes him look good, but he can also do fun things with you. This is the best possible outcome for both of you. The one on one setting of a San Francisco escort makes so much more possible.”

Another quality that pole dancers and escorts share, Ireland explains, is a natural tendency toward exhibitionism. “Pole dancers know they are the center of attention,” she says. “Anyone who desires that kind of attention, anyone who enjoys it, has to admit that he or she loves to show off. I love to show off and I’m not afraid to say it. I want every man looking at me, whether I’m up on that stage, or I’m walking into a restaurant or a nightclub.”

Ireland goes on, “Walking into a club with my man is a great feeling. Every man’s head turns to watch us. They are checking me out, obviously. But they’re also looking at him. They’re wondering how he’s got me, and what they would have to do to be with me. They’re wishing they could get close to me. I always get a little closer to my date when that happens, just kind of get up next to him and rub myself against him, as if to say, ‘That’s right, fellas. He’s mine and he’s got me. He’s better than all of you.’ It’s always such a rush for my client, who may not have ever had the chance at that kind of admiration before.”