Tempting Andrea is a down-to-Earth young lady who used to be an exotic dancer and who still enjoys dancing to cut loose. She likes to watch baseball games and is very fond of four-wheeling and other messy, muddy, outdoor sports. She still remembers the first time she ever rode in an off-road vehicle, which she described as being like a roller coaster with no track.

“How much of your life to you spend coloring inside the lines and following the rules?” Andrea asked. “I’m all about breaking and bending rules. I think all the rules in which we live our lives are just meant to be broken. Whenever you have the chance, you should do what you want. You should bend and break those guidelines and restrictions. So of course the idea of four-wheeling appeals to me. We drive around on roads and we never, ever go off them, most of the time. The chance to go four-wheeling is a chance to deliberately drive off the pavement. It’s the opportunity to say the heck with the rules, and make your own way. The first time I ever did it, I was hooked.”


Age 19
Height 5’3″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $750

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Andrea describes her first time four-wheeling with a former boyfriend. “We went out into this big, muddy field,” she says. “He had this powerful truck with big tires sitting on a big jacked-up suspension. We strap in and we start rolling through the field, and it’s like every roller coaster I’ve ever ridden, except we could go anywhere we wanted to go. Well, I say that, but more accurately, I should say that we could try to go anywhere we wanted to go. Trying is one thing. Pushing that beast of a truck through the mud is quite another. So we rolled through what we could, and we got stuck a few times, and then finally we rolled out of it and winched out of it. When we were at last back on something like solid ground, we were out there in the middle of nowhere with nobody around.”

Andrea goes on, “The truck was covered in mud. It was just absolutely coated. The hood was hot but not burning hot. The truck really heats up when you’re four-wheeling, so sometimes you even have to stop and let it cool down. But the truck wasn’t the only thing that heated up. Being out there in the mud, that really turned me on. I got all hot and bothered, and I started stripping off my clothes. My boyfriend at the time saw me do that and he just bent me right over the hood of that truck, under the sky and in front of God and everybody. And there I am, pressed into the mud, ruining my clothes and not caring, with mud on my face and in my hair, and he just starts taking me. He’s railing me on the hood of the truck and it was the most intense and satisfying sexual experience of my life. It wasn’t even my boyfriend that made it incredible. It was the four-wheeling. I get turned on now whenever I get into a big truck.”

Baseball games are something else that Andrea likes, for different reasons. “I think a hot dog always tastes better with a baseball game in front of it,” she says. “But I just like being out in the park in the nice weather while the game is happening. And it doesn’t hurt that baseball players wear those tight pants. I like just watching them all and thinking about how I could impress them with my incredible body.”