Sizzling Alice is a party girl through and through. She knows all the best night clubs and night spots. When she’s out for fun, look out, because things are going to get pretty hot pretty fast. Alice has embraced the escort lifestyle and is proud of the fact that she has not looked back since.

Alice is the sort of girl who has the stamina to take on this job and be able to do it well. She knows that not every girl can do what she does. “There are some girls who don’t have what it takes,” she says. “They just kind of burn out. For a girl to be able to do this job, she’s got to be able to party all the time and keep coming back for more. Every guy she goes out with, every client she entertains, she has to be as full of energy and fun and life for the first one as the last. That can take a toll on a girl. Not a lot of people can hold up to that sort of lifestyle because even too much fun can be very draining. So a girl who does this job has to be able to bear up under the pressure and look good doing it. She’s got to be able to go out and have fun, day and night, for week after week, and not show any kind of wear or strain. Lots of girls can do that… but a lot fewer than you think.”


Age 23
Height 5’3″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $800

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Exploring the city’s night spots is one of Alice’s favorite pastimes, not just for herself, but also because it makes her better at her job. “I love to find new and interesting areas to have fun,” she says. “Anybody can go to the same tourist spots. There are lots of places like that out there, and sure, they’re fun. But when you want to really explore this city, when you want to really see what it has to offer, then you should push the envelope. You should do new things. Exploring the city and finding the best, even the most obscure night clubs and bars… that’s something I really enjoy just for me. And when it comes time to show a client a great night out, well, so much the better. Then I’m that much better prepared, and I love to be well prepared for my job.”